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Dynchem Core flooders are automated laboratory systems for simulating reactive transport of fluids in porous media. Typical applications are in the energy sector: the evaluation geothermal systems, underground storage of CO2 or other reactive fluids, enhanced oil recovery etc. Applications in other sectors are for example testing of membranes, gas separation systems or porous battery electrodes.

A key element of the Dynchem Core Flooders is the sample confinement system. Samples are typically cylindrical plugs of 1 or 1.5” diameter and 2-3” length, although other dimensions are possible. The samples are confined in chemically inert pressure vessels at pressures up to 70 MPa (10.000 psi) or temperatures up to 200°C.

The fluid flow is actively generated by fully integrated liquid or gas pumps. Commonly used fluids in our core flooders are CO2 or H2S charged brines, oils, gasses or a wide variety of alkaline or acidic solutions. Electromechanically actuated valves and flow controllers are used to regulate fluid flow according to application specific demands.


Dynchem Core Flooders are custom designed to meet application specific needs concerning chemical compatibility, operating pressure or temperature characteristics, sensor and analytical requirements. All systems are fully automated and operated over our highly flexible and intuitive DACS platform. This allows us to design compact benchtop systems that fit in every laboratory 

Dynchem offers a range of unique in-situ sensors that enable direct monitoring of fluid chemistry and transport properties. The use of in-situ sensors avoids disturbance by fluid sampling. Our pH, redox or conductivity probes allow direct reading of the most relevant chemical properties of the process fluids (influent and effluent) during the reaction progress of your core flooding experiment, at process temperature and pressure (up to 200°C and 35 MPa/5000 psi). Also physical fluid properties, like pressure, temperature and flow rates, are monitored by high precision in-situ sensors, according to application requirements.

Dynchem Core Flooders can be equipped with dedicated sample loops for in-situ fluid analysis with spectrometric or chromatographic techniques. The versatility of the DACS platform allows full integration of these analytics with the Core Flooder. Integrated analytics can be programmed in experimental sequences, which enables unique opportunities. A Dynchem system can for example very easily be programmed to run an in-situ analysis of the anion composition of the process fluid on the 20th day of a core flooding test, every time the pH rises above a pre-set threshold value.


Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific application. Dynchem experts will be happy to offer you the best technically possible solution without further obligations.

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