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Dynchem humidifier and controlled environments

Humidity and temperature control play an important role in many sectors.  For example, in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, temperature and humidity are critical in both production and storage. Analyses and tests in controlled environments are required to determine the effects of variations in humidity and temperature. Dynchem customises controlled environments.
By using advanced membrane technology, humidity of 95% can be achieved (97% on request). The lower limit is set by the type of drying used, whereby values < 1% RH are possible. The temperature range is between 10°C and 60°C (up to 2°
C and 80°C on request). The accuracy of the temperature in the loaded air stream is < 0.1°C and RH < 0.2%.
The spatial distribution of temperature and humidity depends on the size, geometry and technical design of the sample chamber.
The flow rate is scalable from < 1 mL/min up to >100L/min, with the controllable range depending on the application.

Anlage QMineral 1.jpeg

The Dynchem systems can be adapted to special customer requirements. For example, as a controlled environment for weighing metal filters on nanobalances.  The entire system is designed to create a fully antistatic environment with constant temperature and humidity.

(Photo made at QMineral labs, Belgium

If you want to carry out experiments or tests in a controlled, humid environment, whether with air or other gases, contact us. We can provide you with a quotation for the humidification system as well as for complete test systems including control and data acquisition.

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