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Dynchem Permeameter:


Dynchem Permeameter are automated laboratory systems for measurement of the transport properties of porous media. Typical applications are in the energy sector: permeability, capillarity or diffusivity of unconventional reservoir rocks, shales, coals, tight formations, cap rocks and fracture conductivity. Applications in other sectors are for example testing of membranes, polymers, porous ceramics, cements, concretes or other building materials.

A key element of the Dynchem Permeameters is the sample confinement system. Samples are typically cylindrical plugs of 1 (25.4 mm) or 1.5” (38.1 mm) diameter and 2-3” length (50.8 mm - 76.2 mm), although other dimensions are possible. The samples are confined in chemically inert pressure vessels at pressures up to 70 MPa (10.000 psi) or temperatures up to 200°C (473 K).

Commonly used fluids in our permeameters are He, Ar, N2, CH4, CO2, brines or oils. Electromechanically actuated valves and flow controllers are used to regulate fluid flow according to application specific demands.

Valve_2 400.png

Dynchem Permeameters are intended for testing of the tightest materials. The prime design objective of our systems is leak tightness. The use of high-end sealing technology and materials enables accurate measurement of permeabilities in the sub-nanoDarcy range (< 10-21 m^2). The standard version of the Dynchem Permeameter is equipped with calibrated up- and downstream volumes and a highly precision flow meter, for measurements in non-steady as well as steady state mode, or any combination of the two. The fluid flow is actively generated by fully integrated liquid or gas pumps. Integration of the pumps in the temperature-controlled cabinet of the system, in combination with the most accurate temperature and pressure sensors on the market enables unrivalled precision mass balancing. Every system can directly by integrated with the Dynchem Zeta Series gas pumps (link). These high-response pumps are ideally suited for pulse decay or cyclic transient permeability measurements.

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All systems are fully automated and operated through our highly flexible and intuitive DACS platform. This allows us to design compact benchtop systems that fit in every laboratory.

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