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Dynchem sorption analyser:

The sorption of gases onto materials is an important property in various applications and processes:

- Hydrogen storage

- Gas purification and separation

- Fuel cell design

- Carbon dioxide storage

- Coal seam gas and shale gas exploration




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High pressure adsorption measurements are typically carried out using the gravimetric or volumetric/barometric method. Both methodologies have advantages and disadvantages. The higher precision of volumetric systems used to be countered by more cumbersome sample handling. Dynchem has solved this problem by introducing sample containers. The containers allow samples to be exchanged in less than a minute and almost any number of samples to be prepared (driying, activating) before analysis.




A special feature of Dynchem sorption analysers is the precise monitoring and control of temperature and pressure. Both the reference and sample cells are fitted with 4-wire Pt100 temperature sensors of the highest accuracy class as well as high-precision pressure transducers (0.01% to FS). This precision, in combination with the variable cell volumes, enables the analysis of samples < 1cm3 up to > 100cm3. Therefore, even small sample volumes with a low sorption capacity can be analysed accurately.


In order to analyse larger sample series in a short time, it is possible to equip the Dynchem sorption analyser with up to 4 measuring stations.

Dynchem offers sorption analysers that cover the measurement range from high vacuum to 300 bar. The temperature range is typically 5°C to 75°C, but other temperature ranges can be realised on request.


Geological systems:

When investigating geological systems, natural heterogeneity often poses a particular challenge. Therefore, large sample sizes (> 100 grams) or measurements on drill cores (1 inch/25.4 mm) are required to investigate a representative sample. Dynchem offers customised configurations for this purpose, which enable high-precision analyses.

Furthermore, experiments on geological samples are often long-term experiments over several days or weeks. The field of surface diffusion can only be realised with extreme tightness and  measurement accuracy and precision. Dynchem sorption analysers offer both.

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